November 02, 2012

A Gift To Marketers: The Impact Equation

To me, books are like people in your life: You development a relationship with them that defines how you feel about them.  And I'm in love with The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.  

Why? Style + Substance.  Hard to find in any professional book, but comes in spades in the highly readable think piece.  These cats have words that sing like my favorite reads such as The Purple Cow or ReWork.  (Sorry, no more links in my blog posts, they are shiny objects that will distract you.  I'll have references links at the keep reading.) 

The book will help you understand how vital strategic content is to the modern marketer. If you don't deeply connect with people, you'll ship words that no one cares about (or reads).  If you make a difference via your content, it will spread like all treasures do online.  This sounds straightforward, but Brogan and Smith's intricate advice proves how treacherous it can be - and why you need to read this book right away. 

While many "social media" books focus on the platforms, tools and (spammy) tactics it takes to build a 'following,' this book centers on what really matters...content that works.  What I took away from the book, was that we need to become purposeful and masterful at connecting with people, especially with the media we create and the words we share.  Figure this out, and you'll rock the next wave of social, regardless of what form it may come in. 

Buy The Impact Equation (not an affiliate link)

Source of the picture, Julien's feed (you should subscribe)

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The Impact Equation by New York Times best-selling authors Chris Brogan and Julien Smith defies categorization in a lot of ways. In the most simple sense it could be called a sequel to their first outing Trust Agents, but that short-sheets it in a lot of ways.


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Aunque yo hubiera preferido que usted entró en un detalle poco más, todavía tengo la esencia de lo que quería decir. Estoy de acuerdo con él. Tal vez no sea una idea popular, pero tiene sentido. Sin duda volveremos para más de esto. Gran trabajo work.Good, blog maravilloso ... realmente lo disfruto y lo añadí a mis marcadores sociales. Sigan con el buen trabajo


The book will help you understand how vital strategic content is to the modern marketer.


Actually, that was an inside joke to see how long it would take for you to see this post..gotcha!


Thank you SO much! I really appreciate the post. I'm glad that you found it useful. : ) Why not an affiliate link?

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