June 07, 2011

Snap Out Of That Bad Mood If You Want To Succeed

A few weeks ago, on the road, I came down with a bad mood.  

I say, 'came down,' because it's like a flu for your spirit.  It hits you, you feel it, your energy flows to it and life isn't fun.  I woke up tired, violated a TWAR rule (don't go online first thing in the morning) and through a link, read something that set me off.  I worked, holed up in my hotel room, until lunch, then groused around until my 'gig' that afternoon.  Took a deep breath, thinking I could shake it all off and rock-the-mic, and took the stage. 

On a scale of one to ten, at best, I gave a 7 that day.  And that's NOT acceptable.  Sure, it was a promo gig for TWAR (one of three dozen), but still, I should strive for a 9 every single time!  The reality is, when your mood state is sour or low, you physically cannot deliver your best.  You have voices in your head, limiting your concentration.  Your appearance and tone betray your mood, taking away your ability to resonate.  

Sure it happens to all of us, and often, we just write off the experience as "woke up on the wrong side of the bed."  But since then, I've figured out my funk-busting strategy for next time.  Here are the key pieces of advice: 

1 - Feed Your Mind A Good Breakfast (every single time!) - Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?  Because it establishes your metabolism and gives you fuel.  This is true for your mind/emotions too.  Be very purposeful that you'll be grateful, read good stuff for confidence and talk to someone that's equally positive.  Then, face your day with an ounce of prevention from funk. 

2 - Love Your Coming Day - Think about what's on your calendar for the day and be grateful for the opportunities it brings you.  Too often, we think 'I have to go do this-or-that' and the mindset is all wrong.  Later, if you blow it, you'll realize it was an opportunity all along.  Also, love the people you will spend time with or serve in the coming day.  Re-connect with your purpose (which should be service related) and let that fire you up. 

3 - Be Playful With Others - If you suspect that you aren't in the best of moods, fake-it-till-you-make it works.  Be a little irreverent, playful and joke around.  Horseplay is contagious, and so long as you don't let your mood convert playful into hurtful humor, you'll be OK.  I've done this before, and it bleeds into your performance, causing you to smile and be more gracious in the moment. 

4 - Use A Mood Crutch - For some, it might be a playlist of makes-you-happy music.  Listen to four of five tunes on your iPod before daily performances/tasks for a boost.  For others, reach out to your laugh line.  Someone who is always positive for you.  Confess you fear you are in a bad mood and ask him/her to tell you something funny or exciting.  Pick up a Good Book that inspires you and invest ten minutes reading from it.  Those authors are there for you.  Don't go down alone! 

5 - Think About Something You Are Looking Forward To - Visualize your coming vacation, party or concert you are attending.  Imagine all the sights, sounds and experiences you'll have.  Connect the coming day's work with these opportunities in your life, because you can't be hateful when you are grateful. 

If you have another funk buster or good mood guarantee, contribute it in the comments.  


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Helpful information for getting in success path. It makes me more motivates. Everyday these motivation I want to take which help me to drive into the success destination. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Tim,

I have been a bit negative lately. I wrote in my blog yesterday about drinking more positively charged ions like Sodium and Potassium (Gatorade)in the heat. That should help as well. Best wishes for your new book.


Good advice, Tim! negative attitudes can infect everything you do during the day and bring down both your enthusiasm and your overall performance. Any tips to brighten your daily attitude are helpful and useful!


Hey Tim,

Check out my Tweet from yesterday, June 6:

Havin' a grumpy day? Try this: “You can’t be hateful when you are grateful.” From Today We Are Rich, Tim Sanders http://twar.com/


This is an excellent piece Tim – a real God-send for me – and to pull my socks up yesterday and today, I’ve done some of these things so I’m on the right track.

Mom went in the hospital on May 6 so it was a month ago yesterday that our journey to her end began. I know I’m grieving so my funks come totally unannounced. There will be days when I need to do all of the above just to get through the grieving cycle for that day.

Another piece of advice that my hubbie gave me last night is to put a timeline on the amount of time I need to be up. If I really need to be on for a part of my workday, tell myself it's a 4 or 5 hour window that I need to pick myself up for. That helped me as well as I was preparing for my day.

Thanks for always hitting the mark - you rock!! xoxo

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