December 17, 2010

Don't forget to capture the spirit of the season

Many of you are maxed out these days, buying gifts and finishing up work for the year.  Next week, the whole process will involve travel, making December even more complicated.  It's easy, with all of this activity, to miss out on the holiday spirit.  After all, for most of us, we just want to 'carry on the tradition' - and as a result, work instead celebrate.  By the 24th, we are feeling bah-humbug!

Don't let that happen to you.  Remember that Christmas or the Holiday Season is about family, friends and reflection.  On the other side of it is a new year of opportunity, roles and goals.  The holiday season isn't about travel or gift-giving.  That's what marketers want you to think.  You should be staying in contact and giving to others year-round.  

When I was growing up, my grandmother Billye had a saying, "It's Christmas Day every day in this household, when it comes to things you need.  I give them to you on the spot."  Sure, we still had gifts under the tree, but opening gifts wasn't the focal point of Christmas Day.  Saying that we loved each other, praying and eating food with family - that's what the day was about.  OK, and watching Cowboys games. 

If you still can, circle the wagons, and declare Holiday Season 2010 as a time to celebrate success, survival and our social/family circle.  Appreciate the family and friends that you have, instead of grousing about what you have to do for/with them this time of year.  Look at all the holiday season busy-work, as Billye does, as a "Get-To" in your life, not this thing you "Have-To" do every December.  


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Great reminder Tim

"Remember that Christmas or the Holiday Season is about family, friends and reflection."

No more grousing from me - new year's resolution.

Merry Christmas Tim.


Great message!


Merry Christmas Tim and thanks for always pointing out the important things in life and work. Your posts always inspire.

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