July 14, 2010

The Doors Of Born Barcelona - Art!


Last week, I visited Barcelona and stayed in the Born district. 

Each day, at 2pm, the stores of Born would close for lunch - to reopen at 5pm.  The metal doors that pulled over each stores entrance served as a canvas for artists.  Some were commissioned, and painted the metal doors according to the owner's wishes.  In several other cases, graffiti artists treated shop doors to works of art. 

I asked one owner why he had this graffiti on his door, instead of a black or silver paint job or something he designed.  His answer: "Because it's art.  It was good, why destroy it?"  This is a human retail Wiki, where most of the work is volunteered, and only 'the good' remain for long. 

In some cases, layers of artwork, covered up to be recovered or repainted, make the doors a mixed media masterpiece.  This one in particular is striking: 

Take a look at the entire collection of doors, four dozen in all, that I photographed over a few days time of walking around.  This is a great example of the organic nature of art, the collaborative nature of community and the enduring value of human expression.  Life would be boring without these transactions.



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