July 05, 2010

I'm a man on a mission

 <read out loud in a ponderous Anthony Bourdain cadence>

Every time I visit a new city, especially abroad, there’s a familiar process, a ritual I go through every time: Arrive disoriented, afraid I’ll get lost and never find my way back to the room. Alone, with no friends, often not speaking much of the local language. 

Within a few days, everything changes. I find my way around and discover, for myself, the wonders of the locale. Not from the pages of a travel book or word of mouth from a friend, for myself, I discover a new place. I learn several words and phrases, even pick up a little of the accent, and within a few days - I’m a temporary resident of the culture. 

From the shop doors of Born in Barcelona to the Loop stroll in Cape Town, you’ll find energy and vitality that you learn to make your own, as if you were the only person in the world that noticed it’s uniqueness. At first, I take pictures like a photog on assignment, then later, just relax and take it all in, storing everything in my subconscious memory, to likely withdraw on my deathbed as a moment I could never forget - part of this rich life I’ve led. 

Every place has it’s beauty, it’s awesomeness and of course, the lovely people that inhabit it and make it the special place it is. I’m glad to say that I’ve learned how to drink from this cup, and fill it up every time. I take all of this, and pour it into my sense of gratitude for my job, that flings me around the planet with a purpose: To give a speech. 

My friend Nick Morgan, a guru to guys like me, says, “the only reason to give a speech is to change the world.” And to that I’ll add that the only way to do that is let the context of the situation change the speaker, giving content and inspiration from the very place you were booked to visit and serve. 

I love my customers, who book me to speak at their events and trust me with their people -- my audience. I love the wonderful life their trust affords me and I'll pay it forward with everything I've got. In Cape Town, I gave all to a group of Brazilian retailers on behalf of Univlever, giving them dozens of ways to green up their business and boost their bottom line. In Marbella Spain, I'll do the same for a group of executives at a global company. I'll talk about team work and building community, with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. 

My name is Tim Sanders, and I’m a man on a mission.

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Always enjoy hearing you speak, Tim. Keep living the mission!

--Terrace Crawford

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