August 27, 2009

Two pieces of advice for all writers (podcast)

Today, I'm playing around with my fave new Mac App (Peak LE).  It allows me to record audio, edit and deliver via my Mac with no external devices required. 

Just a minute ago, I recorded today's audio post for you.  The subject: How To Write A Book That Works. Often we think that books should be timely, unique, needed or perfect for the times.  That is not the formula for success.  Listen to my short recording and you'll pick up the two secrets to writing a best seller: 

1. Write what you know 
2. Show us who you are 

Download Writing Advice Aug 2009
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Excellent podcast! Such simple rules with very deep implications for every writer, blogger or self-proclaimed social media expert.

When I was in college and hoped to become the next Ernest Hemingway, I wrote a short story about what seemed to be a subject that was completely different than my life. Yet, somehow, it was my best story, and the easiest one to write, too! As you mentioned in your podcast, "it just flowed" out one night. In hindsight, I realize that it was a story, perhaps in allegory, about childhood issues I'd faced growing up. Call it a story of catharsis where I faced off against some old demons. So, what I thought was a story "out of left field" was in truth one right from the heart.

Thanks for helping me realize how this still applies to what I do today in the realm of PR and social media!


Tim, this is very good advice. If you aren't writing what you know, then you can't really position yourself (authentically) to use the book for your career. Writing about trends might get you some traction, but since you aren't the right person to write that book, then it won't be as successful as you'd think.

Good audiocast.

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