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January 31, 2009

Stop thinking

Yesterday, I turned a few friends on to Eckhard Tolle's The Power Of Now

The author, a really deep thinker, has a simple argument that is life changing: You are not your mind.  

To rock my friends' outlook on life, all I needed to do was play them about three minute of Tolle's narrative -- set to music.  Check it out this weekend and change your life too. 

Download Tolle To Music.mp3 (5720.1K)

January 29, 2009

Check out: Saving The World At Work Book Brief on BNET

Late last year, I went to San Francisco and taped a video book brief at ZDNET for BNET. We taped for an entire morning and they invested a great deal of effort bringing the final clip to life.

It just came out today, and the video is wonderfully produced. Check it out to fully understand some of the key concepts of the book.
Tim Sanders book brief on BNET

January 28, 2009

Scarcity is in your mind: The Ellen Story

I noticed that thousands of people hit my blog yesterday when I posted about the Law Of Abundance

There's something in this message that resonates with the times. 

So, I'll share a video excerpt from one of my book tour talks: 
Together, We Make A Great Stew 

Together, we make a great stew! from No Scarcity on Vimeo.

January 27, 2009

Obey the Law Of Abundance

More than ever, we need to find ways to avoid scarcity thinking. 

In my experience, there is a big difference between being paranoid and practical.  When scarcity sets in, you forget about the Law Of Abundance and sink into a lower place.  You push people away, become self-needs centered and react to all change like it was a personal attack on you.  Sound familiar? 

Here's an excerpt from my new book, Saving The World at Work
Download The Law of Abundance Excerpt from STWAW . 

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January 25, 2009

A new place to fully sample new indie CDs

Yesterday I discovered a radical new online music service at CMJ's site.

It's called Lala, and it allows you to stream ENTIRE albums at high quality for FREE.  On CMJ's site, for example, when you visit the CMJ Radio Airplay chart, every single album is available to listen to in its entirety. 

This really beats iTunes and Amazon, where you only get to listen to 30 second lo-fi clips. In fact, I've got Who Killed Harry Houdini by I'm From Barcelona playing right now as I write this to you.  (NOTE, it's a great record!).

This new service will help me decide which records to buy fully and which ones to pick off (best 2 or 3 tracks) from iTunes. If you love new, indie or college rock -- you will thank me for this tip. 

January 23, 2009

The "Five To One" recession rule of sales

Stanley Marcus Jr. had a great mind for both customer service and sales. 

In late 2000, as the dotcom bubble started to burst and advertisers started to cut budgets, I talked with Mr. Marcus about our sales challenges. He offered me a simple rule of thumb that changed my outlook (and later my sales life).  

Call it the Five To One rule of prospecting and sales. Simply put, if your market is cut back by 10%, you'll have to work 50% harder (five times market contraction) to achieve the same level of sales you did when the market was strong. 

In 2001, the ad market shrunk over 20%, and I applied Mr. Marcus's rule to my sales life -- and increased my efforts by 100%. Surprisingly, my production in 2001 was a few points higher than 2000. I preached this rule to several of my fellow Yahoo!'s and those that took it preserved their year-over-year success. 

Here's the point: When there's a recession, the market doesn't completely disappear, it shrinks. The scarcity mindset may tell you that there's no more business to be had, but that's not true. There's just less of it. You'll have to look harder to find prospects or customers with budget. When you find them, you'll have to work harder to win their business as your competitors discount themselves to death. 

Before you write off 2009, apply the Five To One rule to your market/industry. In the end, you'll realize that you are still in control of your sales destiny -- if you're willing to work harder this year. 

If you haven't seen it already, check out The Mr. Marcus Story on YouTube

January 22, 2009

A New Era Of Responsibility: Words as a tipping point

Obama’s inaugural address may be the tipping point, creating a national movement of responsibility at home, in the market and at work. In his address, he called for "A New Era Of Responsibility".

In my new book, I declare that a “responsibility revolution” is at hand as tens of millions of consumers are starting to spend their dollars responsibly, and requiring companies they do business with to make a difference and not just a dollar.  They will switch (price and quality being equal) to companies that are green or community focused.  This trend started at the turn of the century, fueled by corporate scandals and a growing sense of dread about the environment and survival of local communities.

A very small percentage of Americans are actually to blame for the housing market meltdown and the current economic climate.  Greedy companies, brokers and speculators have created most of the turmoil – yet all of us are feeling its effects.  

Obama’s administration promises carbon emissions regulations as local and state governments vow to require companies to give back to the communities where they make money.  This consumer trend, coupled with regulations, could change the way companies compete for business.  Leading companies from Wal-Mart to Pepsi to GE are turning their operations upside down to be more responsible.  

You can join Obama's vision by taking your values for responsibility to work: Volunteering for a corporate community outreach program or participating in a green business initiative.  In my  experience I've learned that one person, regardless of their rank or role, can change the world through workplace innovation.  

January 21, 2009

"We have shoes!" -- How anyone can create a Ripple

If you came to any of my speeches on the book tour, you likely heard me tell the Timberland story from my new book (Saving The World At Work). 

I've uploaded a video clip of that story, told at the Catalyst conference in October. Let it inspire you to make a difference TODAY, and create a contagious dose of compassion for everyone watching you.  And believe me, people are watching you and copying many of the things you do (for good or bad).  Pass this on. 

Tim Sanders Shares The Timberland Story

January 20, 2009

Nick Morgan on Obama's Big Speech: A Review

Today was a historic day and Obama likely gave a talk for the ages. 

Many pundits will pontificate about this talk, some will make sense, others will wax silly. To really figure out what went right, wrong and otherwise with Obama's Inaugural address, I conducted a phone interview with Nick Morgan, my personal speech coach and author of the greatest book ever written on effective public speaking (Give Your Speech, Change The World).

Morgan is one the leading speech writers in the world today, and just released his second book, Trust Me: Four Steps To Authenticity and Charisma.  Check out his blog for more thoughts on this talk.

Here's what he had to say about the speech:(Download Interview)

January 19, 2009

Tweeting with impact via Tiny URL

Someone recently asked me if you can make money on Twitter (or Facebook). 

At first, I shot back, "only indirectly, by developing a following that drives personal brand awareness." In other words, your Tweets (or status updates on Facebook) keep you top of mind with your social network, and sometimes you add value through your comments. In the long run, that's goodness and makes it all worthwhile. 

Recently, though, I've noticed Tweets and updates with short URLs at the end. In many cases, I click on them to find reference web pages related to the update. Nice. I started to do it recently, to tout a video I'm watching or a provocative article I'm reading online. 

This sets the stage for referral income. If you like a CD or book, and have an Amazon or BN.com associates account, you can make money with your updates. Here's an example: Login to your Amazon Associates account and click on the Links & Banners tab to get to the Product Link lookup page. Lookup the last great book you've read. Copy the link, it has a reference your account. Go to TinyURL and convert the link you got from Amazon Associates into a Tiny URL (no pun intended). Now it's small enough to fit in an update, leaving room for the rest of your message. 

Now post an update ("I'm reading Gladwell's new book, Outliers, and it rocks!") and then cut an paste the TINY URL (all of it) into the end of your update. Now, all your friends and followers have a recommendation, and a clickable link to the Amazon page where they can buy it. If they do, you'll receive a commission on that sale -- plus anything else they buy in that shopping spree! 

Finally, if you don't want to earn money for yourself, you can raise money for a cause by lending your updates. Same process: Find a cause you want to promote, locate the donate money/join web page, reduce it to a Tiny URL and update!  

In either scenario, it's easy to see how our updates will be fungible and valuable in the future. I predict that we'll even move the stock market via updates (eg., getting ready to buy 10000 shares of HAST, join me here...). So don't write off Twitter or Facebook as a 'waste of time'.  We are just getting started! 


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