February 15, 2008

Cut that PDF in half!

Have you ever needed to trim a PDF down to just the first few pages?

Normally, that could be a real headache, but yesterday I found out about a great solution. If you want to create a small version of a massive PDF, it is pretty easy (and free!).

Mac users: Open the PDF (in Preview, if possible). Click to Print, then choose which pages you want to include in the smaller PDF. Then, click on the PDF button in the lower left of the Print dialogue box. Select the first option (Save as PDF), give the document a new name and you are done.

Windows users: Download PDF Split And Merge

You'll never have to send another 100 page PDF again, unless you want to!

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Great tip! Thanks!


Thank you!!!


Oh my god I love you.


it its really a useful tool ..thank you


This is a very nice tool to separate certain pages from the whole, but I have another issue.

Is there a tool that can split a single (spread) page in two?

So far I haven't been able to find a tool that can do this...


hey Tim, I've been doing that for years, good to know I'm one up on you on something :-)


I've been doing this with CutePDF, same method as Mac, open your PDF in Adobe, select "CutePDF" as your printer, and select just the pages you want. PRINT is smart enough that you can select multiple sets of ranges, say 1-5,10-50,80-90 and it would pick up just those ranges.

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