July 17, 2007

Travel stress free via the gift of music

Today I gave a talk in Baltimore. Right after the talk, I hustled to the Balitmore airport and after getting my boarding pass I got in a loooooooong line for security.

How long? A few football fields' worth! Signs claimed that I would only be in line for about 30 minutes, but the line was very intimidating. On top of that, everyone was completely stressed out about missing their flight. You could read it on their faces. Babies screamed. Businessmen cringed. It was a cacophony of chaos.

What did I do? I fished my IPOD out of my briefcase and popped in ear buds. I put on the Shins (Wincing The Night Away) and ignored the whole experience. I smiled, enjoyed their record, and in about 45 minutes I cleared security and sauntered to my gate rather unaffected by the whole security line fiasco.

Lesson learned: When stressed out, let your music save you. While others heard noise, I heard music. Don't let travel stres get the best of you when you have so many alternatives for your attention. I will never suffer in silence again at the airport.

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Realy good advice! From the all travel tips i remember just one: Never forget your music if you want to have a nice journey!


Come on TJ, you and I both know that a screaming baby (@ 80 - 100 decibles) is MUCH louder than some ear bud leadkage (@ about 2 decibles tops).

Besides, the leakage only occurs when the user is blasting their IPOD.

The point is not to suffer in silence, entertained by babies, business jerks on cell phones, etc. Maybe time should use Bose headphones instead.

It would be 10 times worse if he spent his time on a cell phone while standing in line. That's what most people do, unless they just stand there and stress out.


But are you one of these people who has the standard iPod ear buds? If so, it's quite likely that the people next to you probably wanted to kill you by the end of the line.

The standard issue ear buds leak noise appallingly, treating everyone else to a tinny noise.

And not all of them can put their iPods on to drown out your noise. The screaming baby's mother wouldn't be much of a mother if she cut herself off like that.

For some people, music is the right escape. But it's always polite to ask those around you whether it's too loud. Once we've taught people that, perhaps we can work on the people who shout down their cell phones on trains and in bars and restaurants.

Now that's a crusuade worth starting!

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