August 31, 2009

Saving the World at Work

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Saving the World at Work

Between 2005 and mid-2008 I worked on a book about a business revolution that would impact marketing, leadership, management and strategy.  I call it the "responsibility revolution", a change in how we buy products, apply our talents and invest our money.  My team and I conducted interviews and dug through tens of thousands of pages of research.

What we found: Starting in the late 90's and erupting during the last recession (2001-2002), consumers began to purchase a story that stood behind a company's product or service.

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National Association for Urban Debate Leagues 1. Money is donated to a fantastic cause!

The National Association of Urban Debate Leagues is my chosen cause that I donate money to. It reflects my professional values of a keynote speaker, researcher and author. Debate saved my life and put me on the path to become who I am today. The NAUDL gives urban youth a new competitive sport, argumentation. Almost all participants graduate high school and most go on to college – bolstered from the experience of debate. It teaches research, logic and public speaking. Each copy you buy will put $2.00 into the NADLU’s budget, so please be generous.

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Offer 2: If you purchase between 12 - 29 copies, you'll receive a collection of 4 of Tim's training DVDs, with license to display them to your company. These DVDs include "Email," "Emotional Talent," "Green at Work," and "Abundance."

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