June 14, 2013

How Do You Define Innovation? (You could win!)

This week, I've been tweeting and writing about innovation.  We all know it's the prescription for sustainable success in a constantly changing world.  But what exactly is innovation?  I've played around with several definitions over my consulting and speaking career - and each one is helpful to those trying to harness it's power.

So, I've created a Facebook Page contest, inviting all my friends and followers to submit their definition of innovation.  Next week, I'll pick the most helpful submission and mail the winner a nifty Intel titanium removable drive (8 gigs). It's my way of saying "Thanks" for contributing to the conversation.  

Take a minute to check out the video I made that explains the rules, the prize and my motivation for launching it. Make sure your submissions are in the comments to the video on the Facebook Page and not here.

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Tim! I'll take that shot at it...

Had an interview with Venky Valluri, president Ingersoll-Rand India. He said innovation in todays world is
Innovation = Seeing + Conceiving + Leading

Seeing: finding ideas, content, product from often different domains that is relevant and meaningful in your work and business
Conceiving: envisioning the mash-up of these disparate ideas into new product or service value
Leading: sharing that vision in a compelling way to a larger group such that together a greater "we" executes on that vision

Glad to contribute. Nice shades.

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