May 23, 2012

Want To Extend Your Reach? Don't Hire A Babysitter!

I assume that most of you who read my blog or subscribe to my newsletter are those who have something to say or sell, whether it’s your own or someone else’s. We’re all trying to be seen or heard and that’s increasingly complicated in a noisy world. 

Wouldn’t you agree?

The problem is that to be successful in the market today, you must possess two strategic assets: a compelling product and a meaningful platform. 

Platform is key. 

Most of us know it and it’s why we spend time networking, developing social media, writing emails and blogs, speaking, trying to connect with potential customers, etc. 

But here’s the issue, simply being on Facebook or Twitter, simply writing a book or newsletter, simply opening the doors of your business… doesn’t matter (unless others know about you and follow). 

That’s why I am excited about a new book from my good friend Michael Hyatt, one of the top bloggers in the world and Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  It’s called Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. It’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the waters so that you can do what works in order to be seen and heard. 

Special: To celebrate the launch of the book this week, Michael is giving away $375.98 worth of free Platform bonus content for those who purchase the book between May 21 and May 25. Complete details are available at

As I was chatting with Mike he mentioned something that really stood out to me about building a platform. He said… 

Accept Personal Responsibility - If you’re thinking of hiring a babysitter for your platform, think again. It is critical that you be 100% committed and the driving force behind its creation and growth. Think about it. Does anyone know your mission, product or service better than you do? Is anyone more passionate about it than you are? Does anyone have as much skin in the game as you do? Expertise, passion, and, frankly, the fate of your career will drive you to create something greater than anything a hired-out marketing team could imagine.” 

Basically he’s saying don’t phone it in and try to pass it off to someone else. If you want to be heard, you have to speak up and be the driver. 

In my years of being an author and speaker I have found that to be very true. Yes, you need to hire a great team and utilize great resources but don’t expect someone else to do all of the work that you too must be active in doing. 

If it’s important, you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse. 

I have two three copies of the book to give away - all you have to do is hit the retweet button and make a comment to this post.  




Dear Mr. Michael Hyatt!

I have a question. Are you going to write other books too?

It would be very nice if you could do that.


Denna blogg är fantastiskt och den information som tillhandahålls av artikeln i denna blogg är riktigt trevlig och hjälpsam och jag skulle besöka bloggen igen.


I love this book! It´s one of my favourites.
I learned many things


Tim -
I bought this two weeks ago on your recommendation - and now my blog is up and running. I'm also tweeting, posting and building my platform much more quickly than I could have ever done on my own. As you do, I highly recommend this book... as well as all of yours! Thanks again for a great blog, and for still being a LoveCat :) Hope to see you soon!



Winners of the book:
- Frank Tan
- Amy Book
- Jason Womack

Will contact you for shipping or message me @sanderssays


Thanks for your generosity in offering Michael's book! Really excited to read it. Cheers!


I gave up on building my blog traffic several months ago but now since I have found Michael's website I feel like I can really make a go of it. I know if his daily posts have helped me then a complete book will give me that extra push.


One of those copies MUST have my name on it.

Thanks for the review of #Platform.


I'd love to read this book!


I've got to be me. You can't be me. I think I get it!


I would love a chance to win this book as I have so much to learn. Thanks for the opportunity!


Yep. "If it's important, you find a way." True of family, of work, of faith, of platform.


I am writing a book, and would like to see it published in 2 years or less. I think this book would be great to reference. I have decided to build my platform now!


I'm definitely adding this book to my library. There are no coincidences, and I'm definitely in need of learning proven ways to get my "mom and pop" business growing, and to share awareness with the willing. Thanks Tim!


Accepting Personal Responsibility is indeed a very important factor: you need to be the face of your product because no one knows it better than you do.


The "skin in the game" comment reminds me of Bob Goff's book Love Does. It's so easy to sit on the sidelines and wait for something to happen.

Great post!


Love reading your blog and book Tim. Love reading Michael's blog, another inspiration for me, now I just 'need' Michael's book. ;)


Tim, here's the line that JUMPED off the screen, and speaks to me...

"It is critical that you be 100% committed and the driving force behind its creation and growth."

Thank you for sharing something that matters.


I'd love to have a chance to win this book and learn more ways to expand my platform.

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