June 30, 2011

Barry J. Moltz on Feeding Your Mind Good Stuff

An excerpt from the forward of the Barry J. Moltz Edition of Feed Your Mind Good Stuff

Many of us think a lot about the food we put in our bodies. We realize that if our bodies does not have good fuel, it can’t perform well.

Tim Sanders, in his new book, Today We Are Rich asks if we similarly think about the information that we put in our mind. This is critical because we are what we think about. How can we have the resiliency to ride the daily business roller coaster up and down if we feed our minds junk? This includes the hor- rors of the nightly newscasts, sitcoms and reality TV shows. What shape is our mind in after answering a barrage of emails or aimlessly surfing the web? What about the negative people, gossip and nasty attitudes that we are exposed to every day?

Tim believes that we need to go on a “mind diet” in order to radically change our attitude and therefore our level of confi- dence. He says that “When good stuff goes into your mind, good thoughts emerge. People who maintain purposeful mind diets of positive stimuli think healthy thoughts”...

Click here to read Barry J. Moltz's entire forward from Today We Are Rich - Principle 1 - Feed Your Mind Good Stuff.

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I agree. Tim's perspective is excellent. Think of your mind as a computer. We install virus software, malware, a firewall and other software protection to keep the viruses out of the computer. When one of those viruses slips through, despite all the precautions taken, it can absolutely destroy a computer. Think about how many thoughts come into your head every day, especially if you are a CEO, company president or business owner. How many decisions do you have to make every day? Are you being influenced by positive forces or negative forces? How you think affects your perspective and ultimately, your decisions. So because you don't have any software installed in your head to filter out the negativity you need to surround yourself with positive people and eliminate all the negativity. Although you can try your best to keep the negativity out of your mind you will still find it creeping in from time to time so you need to pay attention to your thoughts and actions. Ask yourself if you're being positive or is this a negative thought that needs to be changed or eliminated.

Great post. Look forward to reading more on your blog.

Howard Lewinter
Business Management Specialist to CEOs, Presidents and Business Owners

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