May 26, 2011

What Executive Coach and Author Scott Eblin Learned from His Rock

Billye, Tim’s Grandma, raised him from the age of 5 and became his "rock" in life. She taught him principles that grounded him and helped him succeed later as an adult. Her influence, words and love had profound effect on Tim’s life and inspired his book "Today We Are Rich." Think of a particular person who has had a similar impact on your life. Who was that person and how did, or do, you know them?

My grandfather, Leonard Eblin.  To me, he was Pa-Pa..

How did they help to shape your life or life philosophies?

Before I was born, Pa-Pa was a Scoutmaster who took troops of Scouts to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico on a regular basis.  When I was old enough as a little guy to understand what he was doing, I desperately wanted to go to Philmont with him.  Of course, I wasn't old enough to do that as a six or seven year old but as soon as I was old enough I joined the Cub Scouts because that was the way I'd get to do what Pa-Pa was doing.  That path eventually led to me becoming an Eagle Scout.  Like they say, once an Eagle Scout, always an Eagle Scout.  The tenets of the Scout Law, trustworthy, brave, loyal, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent and all the rest have been guideposts for me throughout my life.

Tell us about a specific lesson you learned from them, or a piece of advice they gave to you?

My grandfather was very practical.  Two lessons from him really stick with me.  First, when you're camping in cold weather, always change out of the clothes you wore all day before getting into your sleeping bag. The reason is the sweat that's retained in your clothes from the activity of the day will give you the chills at night.  The second big lesson from Pa-Pa is to serve others.  He was 93 when he died and he helped build over 50 houses for Habitat for Humanity between ages 75 and 85.  I'm still a lot younger than that but aspire to serve in the way he did.

Have you ever drifted away from their grounding advice?  What price did you pay? 

There have certainly been times when I've been more focused on the extrinsic markers of success than the more intrinsic ones I learned from Pa-Pa.  I don't have any dramatic stories of failure from those times but definitely recognize the difference in my overall peace of mind and happiness.


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Scott-eblin From Tim Sander's to Scott's grandfather, Leonard Eblin, we want to thank you for helping make Scott who he is today. You have helped make the world a better place.


This interview is part of a series of interviews focusing on some of the great Rocks that have influenced our lives. Just as Tim's new Book, Today We Are Rich, shares what he learned from his rock, Billye, we want to pass on the knowledge of some other great rocks out there.

Rock on! Be a Rock, or applaud a Rock you know. 

Was your grandma your Rock, or did she have some grate advice? Tell us on Great Stuff My Grandma Said.

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I loved this story. What an amazing thing it is to have a grandparent that lights up the heart of a child in the way only they can!

I will also say I appreciated your answer "I don't have any dramatic stories of failure..." Recently I have attempted to be become a supporter of those who are living great lives without the history of raging destruction. We all love a huge success story and the bigger the fall the bigger the perceived success. However, I think regular folks, doing amazing things, just because that is who they are, is pretty incredible on its own merit!

Thanks for sharing!

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