May 31, 2011

Gratitude Is A Compound Word: Gracious + Attitude

During my book tour, I've met a lot of great people. 

One of the most remarkable was a driver, that took me to my hotel in Denver.  His  name is Shawn, and prior to being a driver, he was a nurse at an assisted living facility.  I told him about Today We Are Rich, and the principle of gratitude.  When anyone asks me why I'm in town, I talk about the book and Billye.  

He responded that his grandmother taught him gratitude too, and how important it was to your attitude and behavior.  He said that until he was an adult, he thought that gratitude was a compound word: Gracious + Attitude.  His grandmother said that being grateful wasn't just about saying thanks or appreciating the source.  Gratitude should make you polite, forgiving and thoughtful - gracious.  (See his video interview)

This is why I start off every day with a Gratitude Exercise.  It begins the day by injecting gratefulness into my psyche.  In the book, I explain that this will increase your confidence by telling you that "you are not alone."  My conversation with Shawn takes it a step further, beyond the appreciation or 'thanks for the help' expression. 

Gratitude can/should/must transform your attitude.  It should make you empathetic and sympathetic to others, especially those that might irritate, annoy or disappoint you.  You should be forgiving, loving and understanding when you are grateful.  As Billye taught me growing up, "you can't be hateful when you are grateful." 

So start off tomorrow with gratitude, fill yourself up to the brim, and measure your attitude all day long with this thought: Gratitude should lift my attitude, making me the giver, lover and helper all day long.  

Try this one next time you are traveling for business! Be gracious when the flight is delayed.  Be gracious when going through security or boarding the plane.  Be gracious as you go from the airport to the hotel, to dinner and to meetings.  I promise, you'll enjoy this trip living in the good loop!

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Good post! I too think gratitude is more than just actions, but also outlook and mentality.

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