April 21, 2011

What Jim Grillo, CMP of hereschicago.com, has to say about his Rock

Billye, Tim’s Grandma, raised him from the age of 5 and became his "rock" in life. She taught him principles that grounded him and helped him succeed later as an adult. Her influence, words and love had profound effect on Tim’s life and inspired his book "Today We Are Rich." Think of a particular person who has had a similar impact on your life. Who was that person and how did, or do, you know them? How did they help to shape your life or life philosophies?

My dad.  He used to work from home for his company.  He formed my opinion of how work life is supposed to be and it definitely is not in the “rat race” driving in rush hour traffic to and from work and especially punching in a time clock.  Therefore, I sought to do the same and opened up my own home based business www.hereschicago.com which I still run out of my 2nd bedroom every day for the last 7 years.

It instilled comfort and confidence for me as I know there is no other option than to succeed. This helped me to not only start my business, but, helped me stay in my business which allows me the freedom to do make my own decisions personally and professionally, spend time with family and friends and provides flexibility to contribute and give back to our industry with volunteering.


Tell us about a specific lesson you learned from them, or a piece of advice they gave to you?

I learned confidence and to instill comfort to others close to me no matter the situation. Since I have comfort and confidence instilled in me from growing up with someone who has conveyed this no matter what, I now convey this to friends, colleagues and family no matter what.  This applies to any situation a friend or colleague discusses with me.  It is my personal obligation to never show fear and to help others channel their fear into progress.


Have you ever drifted away from their grounding advice?  What price did you pay? 

Great question.  I am sure that occasionally I drift from his advice as I am only human, however, I have never drifted from the core advice which always keeps me on the road he provided.  I “swerve” once in awhile, but, never drive off the road.


Jim Grillo, CMP is an internet entrepreneur and founder of Hereschicago.com, Chicago’s online resource directory featuring Chicago’s top meeting and event venues and event service providers. You can find Jim at:
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From Tim Sander's to Jim's dad, we want to thank you for helping make Jim who he is. You have helped make the world a better place.


This interview is part of a series of interviews focusing on some of the great Rocks that have influenced our lives. Just as Tim's new Book, Today We Are Rich, shares what he learned from his rock, Billye, we want to pass on the knowledge of some other great rocks out there.

Rock on! Be a Rock, or applaud a Rock you know. 

Was your grandma your Rock, or did she have some grate advice? Tell us on Great Stuff My Grandma Said.

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