March 23, 2010

Great leaders smile back

When a smile isn't reciprocated at work, an opportunity to connect is missed. 

Too many leaders have a macho attitude about this, only returning smiles to top producers or key team mates.  Otherwise, a smile back is feared as a sign of weakness.  This is not true.  General Patton once praised Ike's ability to "smile back at the grunts".  Do you have this power?  It'll do wonders for your company or organization culture.  This is part of my people skills area of expertise, elaborated on in my second book, The Likeability Factor.  

From my 2006 keynote speech at the Maximum Impact telecast, here's my rant on the value of smiling back: Great Leaders Smile Back (video). 



Great video and simple, but powerful advice as always Tim!

I've shared your post in my Rainmaker top five blog picks of the week (found here: to help my readers leverage the little things that make for great leadership.

Be well!

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