November 20, 2009

Take the weekend off

I shot this video @ home on Monday, but waited until today to share it with you. 

I want you to take some time off this weekend.  As much as possible.  The more you take off, the better you'll be next week.  Check out this video clip for the screed:

The Value Of The Pit Stop by Tim Sanders

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This is a refreshing reminder and great challenge. Well said and very relevant. (Note: your links to share "twitter and more" require a few more clicks than should be necessary - code or links are a little off.


Great advice - and great to watch it at 5pm on a Friday... I'm starting my weekend off... Now!


Really great tips Tim. Just what I needed to hear. Lately I'm so stressed out, I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror and don't even recognize that person! That's a big hint,I think. Maybe if I take your advice, I'll recognize myself again in the mirror on Monday. Thanks!!

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