December 15, 2008

The true value of time shifting

I swear, digital video recorders have changed my life. 

Take last night (Sunday).  I could go to KROQ's holiday party at the Gibson Amphitheatre and see The Killers, Death Cab, The Cure and Franz Ferdinand OR I could watch the Cowboys play the Giants.  

I chose to do both.  I TIVO'd (the verb, not the equipment) the game and programmed it to record for an extra ninety minutes in case of overtime.  I told my friends at the concert that I was on a 'media blackout' of the Cowboys game so mum the word.  

This AM, when I got up, I only checked my email and ignored the papers.  I sat down and speed watched the Cowboys game (which they won!) in about an hour and a half.   It was just as fun as seeing it live! 

After I watched the game, I turned on the internet, looked at the paper, and went on with my morning.  In the old days, I likely would have missed the game and thought about it at the concert (probably checking scores on my cell phone).  That would have partially ruined the evening.  

So, if you don't TIVO, you should learn to do it soon and take over your life again! 
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I'm a wedding photographer, and obviously I work a lot of Saturdays. I have recorded Clemson football games like this many times and watch it when I get home. It's so cool to watch entire football games in 1:15-1:30!


he he - I do the same... (and I'm a huge Cowboys fan...) Though this Sunday night - the kids had the TiVo already recording (2 teenagers...) so I did the same on my mac with eyeTV.

I was able to watch the game AND grab some stills/mini-videos of the game...

Who watches live TV anymore??


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