May 12, 2008

It's not a vacation if you are grazing on work...

When is the last time you unplugged, dialed out and took some REAL time off?

We live in a world where, even during our “vacation”, we constantly check back in with the real world to make sure its not falling apart without us on the wheel. At first, you might say that you’ll only check your email once a day, otherwise vacation. Then you find yourself checking it a few times a day, lobbing in a few phone calls to the office and then BANG: You are working remote.

This is not going to heal you from the work stresses and strains that a true vacation addresses.

Researchers indicate that if we truly take one week completely off, the positive effects can last up to a month! However, if we only partially take the week off, still checking in on things, the positive effects last three days. That is a big difference.

When you take your vacation this year, take the time to set everyone’s expectations that you will not be available. Delegate ‘emergencies’ to someone in your office. If you don’t have an admin – ask a coworker to do it for you and promise to return the favor.

Blow everything off but the present moment for your entire vacation. Live in the moment. When you get back home, everything will still be standing -- and you'll be fit and fresh.



Interesting post. People forget how important it is to take a vacation. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm planning on on April, just a weekend somewhere with the hubbie. Well, a long weekend.


Of course it is not.

I wasn't hoping to find better information on this.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts


“Excellent,” it is really nice to read a post from someone that knows a subject well and is capable to get their point across.

Have a nice time!


I could not agree more Tim! I see a lot of my colleagues "checking in" while they are supposed to be off and they never really wind down. My wife and I took 3-weeks off in a row last that was a vacation and it really kept me from burning out.

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