May 28, 2008

Get a new head shot

Do you have a current head shot that shows you off?

If not, how can you build a personal brand? Your picture is more memorable than your bio. Maybe that’s what people mean when they say that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

I remember in 1998, while working at, when I got my first head shot. It was shot by a freelancer for a Fast Company story on our company, and later I was able to purchase it to use when I was booked to speak at conferences. When I look at it now, I think, “wow, I look like such a goober.”

In 2001, I hired a professional photographer (James Bland), and had top notch pictures for promotional purposes, and used them dozens of times before I ever had a book deal, publicity campaigns, web site, etc.

I don’t really print them out these days, mostly I email them to my event/PR contacts (medium resolution) or post them on my site in full res for download (My picture vault).

I don’t know how I could have branded myself without a good picture. Review yours. Are you ready for prime time? You never know, you might need one sooner than you think.

By the way, there are a gaggle of high quality photographers at Open Source Photo, or you can Google search for locals. Setup a budget, never ask for a discount to get the best work and always study your proof sheet before you buy a picture or make duplicates.

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Well always!


Great advice, Tim! Giving advice might be your thing! ha;) Love is the Killer App-- great book. Thanks for all your wisdom.

Couldn't agree more about having a good photo.



To add to your post, I suggest that people upload a professional photo on their (or other networking site).

I'm an avid face-to-face networker and it sure helps me to remember people when I can checkout their linkedin profile.



thanks for the love


WOW! The ultimate lovecat knows about the photographer's forum for niiiiice people!

DJ has preached lovecatedness for years. We all love your book!

7846 members so far

Thank you for your great business attitude and philosphies!

—a rising tide raisies all ships—


Thanks for the shout-out for OpenSource Photo photographers. :)


haha Mention OSP, get thousands of comments - NICE! :D

Having a good headshot is definitely essential. Mine needs updating - although I used the heck out of it last year! I can definitely see the need although I'm kind of with Nathan - amazed how many pro photographers do not have a headshot!

Great post!


Great Photo Tim! I've learned so much from your books, and I practice whenever I can! OSP is an amazing community and I'm incredibly proud to be a part of it!!


Preach it. It seems like common sense but unfortunately, it's not. Thanks for getting the word out there!


Right On Tim. I totally agree. I've actually had more than 1 client say they really wanted to hire me based on my photos anyway, but it was the picture of me and my warm smile that made them sure.

Open Source Photo is a wonderful community with a lot of talented photographers. Nice of you to mention them.


Great point, wish more people would think about just how important this is in today's super-visual society! And thanks for calling us high quality. :o)


Gotta LOVE Open Source Photo... the entire gaggle of us! LOL! David Jay rocks!


The photographers at OpenSourcePhoto rule. The community and vibe over there that David Jay created is amazing. I have a hunch that referral will help a lot of folks out simply because it's a community full of lovecats.

Great call Tim.


You're awesome!


Great post Tim! I'm amazed at the number of PHOTOGRAPHERS who don't have ANY picture of themselves on their websites. It's all about selling YOU in the end and a friendly face is a huge part of it!

- Photographers and OSP member


Hello Tim, great article. I will get a professional picture soon.

Nice to know one of your pictures was taken in Brazil (!

Best wishes, Miguel, from Brazil :-)

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