March 24, 2008

Digitize yourself

I was returning my Netflix movies the other day, and a thought occurred to me: In five years, I will delete a movie after watching it, instead of returning it. Netflix better be working around the clock on the download business, or I’m shorting the stock.

The world is going digital and physical items are on their way out.

This goes for you too. How much of your value lies in the physical? As a content creator, I'm working on products such as DVDs that require no presence (travel) on my part. But that's not good enough for the high-shipping cost and eco-sensitive future -- I must digitize myself. I must offer my value via the Internet or phone. So, over the next few years, I must capture, digitize, protect and deliver my business value.

How can you digitize yourself or your business? Can you create information products? Can you transform your facetime business to a phone or chat business? The more you stretch to find answers for this, the more likely you will remain relevant in the future.

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i think you are so right. its easier just to download it.

rate new and old movies


Get iTunes and iTV, download o rama, works perfectly and pays for itself in made up time not having to mail things or take videos back.



You are so on target, Tim. A friend of mine told me a statistic yesterday that said that last year alone 49%? of America's teenagers downloaded media instead of buying physical media. Its on the rise... and will soon take over.

BTW, love Steve's question and would like to hear your thoughts.



how much time do you spend in an average week reading? could you share the top 10 books that every young emerging leader should read in your opinion...

appreciate all you do.


Although Netflix's system isn't (yet) setup to allow for downloads that time out, they've already got a fairly decent system with their Instant Download section. I've been able to use it very successful in multiple locations in order to watch movies and catch up on older TV shows. The main drawback is that it requires a currently active connection to the Internet. Once Netflix removes that requirement, they'll be set.

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