March 11, 2007

Consider an Oscar worthy release

For Your Consideration is the latest edition of Christopher Guest's twisted and cruel mind. Many of you might know him as half of the legendary Spinal Tap, and producer of all time sidesplitters such as Best In Show, Waiting For Guffman and The Might Wind.

In their most recent romp, Guest and all-star troupe (Fred Williard, Parker Posey, just to name a few) make and break dreams in hilarious order. The plot revolves around Oscar nominations and the hype machine that rolls up to the 5am annual announcement of nominations. Given the recency of the Academy Awards, you'll find this relevant to this year's competition.

The movie demonstrates three interesting phenoms:
1. Sometimes the buzz starts with a single suggestion that gets noticed by the subject and accelerated.
2. Good news changes people, sometimes for the worst.
3. The media is never your friend, just a user at best.

It is not a laugh out load movie like Best In Show or Spinal Tap, but it is a funny and make-you-think type film that you just have to see.

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Yeah i agree - Best In Show and Spinal Tap were hilarious. I haven't seen the others, and I will be renting For Your Consideration very soon!


Havn't seen the latest on yet (but I will ASAP) the rest are hilarious :-) Should have know you were a Guest fan.

p.s. prob a typo but did you mean to call him Christ? I like him and all just not to the point of deification :-)

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