January 07, 2007

Listen to the top rock records of 2006

Better late than never, here is my submission to the best-of-2006 music debate.

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After dutiful collecting and listening to dozens of new records this year, here are my favorite five rock and roll picks from 2006:

Silversun Pickups (Carnavas) -- This is an exciting band with an urgent yet sonic sound. They have the brown sound of the Smashing Pumpkins in Gish and a set of great songs on their CD. Groomed in Silver Lake (LA), they are poised for something big.

Raconteurs (Broken Boy Soldiers) – Jack White joins forces with players from The Greenhornes and songwriter Brandon Bensen to create a perfect rock record. Part seventies, part sonic youth – this record is chocked full of great songs. Steady As She Goes is the song of the year – as 7 Nation Army was back in ’02.

Babyshambles (Down in Albion) – When Pete Doherty imploded The Libertines, he immediately took up Babyshambles and wrote a bucket of great songs for the debut CD. There is a realness and urgency to Doherty’s songwriting, and it comes through throughout Down In Abion.

Artic Monkeys (What People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not) – Way back in the beginning of 2006, the new Monkeys landed in North America. We caught them in San Francisco at a packed house gig. This debut record delivers a strong point of view and an aingst that reminds me of The Clash. Ten great songs make this CD a must own from 2006.

Red Hot Chili Peppers (Stadium Arcadium) – I found this record to be an unexpected surprise. The first time I played it, I heard their energy delivered in full force. Huzzah! Rick Ruben captures this incredible foursome (especially John Frusciante's soaring but simple guitar work) and this double record is a great psyche-up-work-out tool. Who says a bunch of forty-somethings can’t rock?

Honorable Mentions:
Phoenix (great new band from Paris),
Morningwood (The Motels meet the B52s),
Beck (The Information means he’s back/beck).
Sam’s Town by the Killers (If the backend of the CD was as good as the first 20 minutes, it would have been on my top-five list!)

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Great music taste Tim!

If you like Phoenix, check out The Whitest Boy Alive; the Dreams album from 2006 is pretty amazing (I really love the emotions that it subtly provokes).

And I'm sure you've probably heard of them, but Television, from around the B52 era, is a lot of fun.

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